The Imageen Project for Improvement of Methodologies and Governance of European Entrepreneurship Network, aims to examine areas of good practice in supporting Entrepreneurs in setting up in business.

Welcome to the Imageen Website

We hope you find our website informative and helpful as you continue to work with strategic partners, local delivery agencies and entrepreneurs to develop new and sustainable enterprises.

Improvement of Methodologies and Governance of European Entrepreneurship Network (IMAGEEN) is a project supported under the INTERREG IVC Innovation & Environment, Regions of Europe Sharing Solutions.

The project led by Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry brings together seven European partners to explore their approaches in supporting new Entrepreneurs to create their new business ventures, share this best practice, and work with our local key policy makers to improve the governance and delivery of Enterprise Support in the future.

IMAGEEN Project Closure Dec 2012

It has been an inspiring three years, which comes to a close in Dec 2012. All of the seven partners have both contributed to and shared their experiences of entrepreneurship and as a result have enriched there understanding of how to support new entrepreneurs. Partners have made a firm commitment to continue to share ideas and to continue to work together to implement best practices from across the IMAGEEN project. The best practices have been published in the Entrepreneurship Management guide which is available for download.

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