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Imaginative Marketing And Guidance for European Entrepreneurs Now, IMAGEEN, is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating young entrepreneurs in Europe. Our founders are successful entrepreneurs with a goal to provide a better educational framework for young entrepreneurs.

The goals of IMAGEEN are to provide education for young entrepreneurs in Europe so that they are better equipped for success in a competitive environment and to help them with general knowledge of starting a new business.

One of the educational tools to be used will be a page on the ins and outs of starting and operating a small business. IMAGEEN, will help you look into the bare bones of business with helpful topics on:

Choosing what kind of shop, you would like to open
Startup Costs
Who will your audience be?
Expected Revenue
Expected costs
Will being plugged into Social Media be an asset?

Will your business be more productive online, offline, or both? IMAGEEN will help you discover the pros and cons of small businesses on line.

Online lessons will be offered covering the topics of; Online or Offline, Budgeting, and Marketing. These lessons will be foundational for young entrepreneurs with more topics being added in the future.
New entrepreneurs introduce new technology into society, create jobs, and sharpen the competitive edge in commerce. They are a must have for our thriving economy.

IMAGEEN believes that by expanding their reach through education for young starters, it will not only build lives; but communities. Providing tips of proven strategies to save money, time, and reputation. The wisdom and knowledge gained could help the young to be able to avoid some serious pitfalls in business and life in general.

The breakdown of our name IMAGEEN will reveal our goals, our brand, and our story:

The first part of our Name-Imaginative Marketing- is marketing with imagination. This is the starting point of success in marketing. At IMAGEEN we try to keep it simple and enjoy our everyday lives-blending work, family, and recreation. And that is one of our big goals-to keep our non-profit in balance, with our focus on helping young European entrepreneurs.

Stress is a number one killer of blocking the imagination-so part of our education is about making sure you take the time to fill up your “well.” If you don’t take time to refresh yourself with inspiring moments, like maybe taking a leisure walk, sitting at the park and watching the squirrels, or enjoying a movie, your “well” might dry up, which has been called “burn out.” The best ideas usually pop up when you are least expecting them. It has been proven that people learn best in a stress-free and fun environment. And that is the kind of site that we, at IMAGEEN, are striving to build.

The second part of our non-profit business name, Guidance for European Entrepreneurs, is what this site is all about. We have been to where you want to go and are continually moving down proven paths of success. Of course the best guide-is the one who knows the way. So we invite you to come join us as we guide you down the proven paths of business success.

Our guidance involves connecting young entrepreneurs with sources that can open the next door needed-such as connection with: marketers, product experts, lawyers, recruiters, company builder’s, financial institutions, and others that you will need along your startup journey.

Our guidance involves helping you map out your business plan, or help you decide-what it is that you want to do. We are a non-profit who believes in you-and helps you believe in yourself. Our goal is not only to guide you on the business path but to lead with honesty and perseverance in hopes of filling the world with young European Entrepreneurs, filled with integrity on their paths of success.

As we fulfill our goals to provide a better educational framework for young entrepreneurs, our framework for learning will expand as we in turn learn from you.


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