problemOur upcoming online lessons will be of great value for those beginning the journey into business ownership. Our beginning online lessons will be covering the topics of: Online or Offline, Budgeting, and Marketing.

Online or Offline

Making a commitment to a business online or offline has both pros & cons; just like being married or single, there are pros & cons for a marriage commitment. You need to research what is best for your type of business. In our online lessons we will be displaying the information and research techniques to enable you to make the best decision for your unique business.

Opening a new business in a busy mall will attract people because they are already there for other reasons-so you can piggyback on the established marketing strategies of others. That is, unless you open your offline store in the middle of nowhere-then you will have to step up your marketing strategies also.

Marketing is one of the top priorities concerning an online businesses. It doesn’t have much to do with location (well that is so unless you are opening a casino) so you have to compare it to opening an offline business in the middle of nowhere-no one knows you are there and they probably are not just going to stop by.


These online lessons will be inclusive of all the basic questions that will need answered for your first year of business. By laying out a budget worksheet, we will be able to walk you through what can be a confusing and complex endeavor.


Starting up a new business online or offline requires patience and strategic planning. Businesses don’t just end up successful; they are molded, nurtured, and coddled-just like a newborn baby. We will be highlighting the impact of sharpening your marketing skills. These skills can make or break your new business.

Research todays market. Observe what is trending right now in the marketing of businesses. Create a niche for your brand or service out of your research and observations that is creative and unique to your new business.

Study the success of your rivals marketing strategies and seek to understand the employment of their plans.

In the near future our online lessons will be teaching The Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship and How to Avoid Them-plus many more hot topics for young entrepreneurs.