Physical Casino Table Games Business Goes Online

2 years ago we were contacted by the casino table game builder Roulette & More Limited about wanting to bring their business online. We analysed their business and the online demand for their type of products.

Our research concluded that there is a large demand for the products that they build not only locally but also internationally. To give some information on the Roulette & More Limited company. The company was started in 1994 by Kumar Smith and today is one of the market leaders in building classic casino tables such as roulette game tables and blackjack game tables.

Thousands of casino game tables have been sold to physical casinos around the world but none of these sales have been generated through any online channel but instead through word of mouth or conventions.

In the plan that we put together for Roulette & More Limited we first started with some product research. What makes a really good roulette table, what does the competitors do different and how do we stack up against the roulette tables of the competitors?

Through some contacts of ours we were able to get in touch with probably one of the best persons for the aforementioned questions. Mr. Peter Fransson who is the casino manager of the online live casino company Evolution Gaming.

The Evolution Gaming company have over 400 live dealers streaming at all times which equals 400 casino game tables. With this business intelligence information we did not only know how to position ourselves in the market but we actually also learned some things which lead to quality improvements on the products of Roulette & More ltd making their casino table games an even better product.

With market business intelligence information and even better quality products we now put together a website and various social media accounts. We brought the company online but to get some online attention we came up with a marketing campaign for our launch.

What we did was that we made multiple videos showing things like how to play roulette or how to play blackjack at a physical casino. These videos were not only informational but they also in a way featured a product demo and the hope for our “product demo videos” was that once casino managers of casinos would need new casino table games their casino they would stumble across our tables when doing their online research for new casino tables.

2 years down the road the website of Roulette & More ltd have processed over 1 million EURO in transactions and is set on breaking 2 million EURO by next year. The move of the business online has also brought other opportunities like collaboration with other large relevant business. which is one of the most well known online resources in India when it comes to online roulette is an example of a successful collaboration. Through these collaborations the visibility of the Roulette & More ltd products such as the roulette game tables increases significantly which in the end contributes to higher sales and revenue.

We are very happy with this journey that Roulette & More limited has gone through and Mr. Kumar Smith is not done with his expansion online but together we have even more ideas on how to boost the business. Perhaps in 2 years from now we will post another update with more positive news. Fingers crossed!